Timeless Elegance Meets Modern Precision: My Journey with Smiths Timepieces

As an avid watch enthusiast and a proud Englishman, my fascination with timepieces goes beyond mere aesthetics or functionality. It's a deeply rooted connection to my heritage, particularly with the iconic Smiths watches. Growing up in the shadows of the original Smiths Industries factory, I felt a profound bond with this brand, which, despite its dormancy, found a new lease of life through Timefactors (www.timefactors.com).

Today, I'm thrilled to share my passion and insights into my cherished collection of Smiths watches:

  • Smiths Transglobal PRS-54
  • Smiths Commander PRS-60
  • Smiths "Black Shadow" PRS-38
  • Smiths Caribbean 1000 PRS-55
  • and the mesmerising Smiths Everest PRS-25 Aventurine Silver Jubilee.

Delving into the world of Smiths watches has been a captivating journey, each model in my collection narrating its own unique tale of design, history, and craftsmanship. From the depths of the ocean with the Caribbean 1000 PRS-55 to the star-studded allure of the Everest PRS-25 Aventurine Silver Jubilee, these watches resonate deeply with my adventurous spirit and appreciation for horological heritage.

Smiths Everest PRS-25 Aventurine Silver Jubilee Review

Smiths Everest PRS-25 Aventurine Silver JubileeHaving the Smiths Everest PRS-25 Aventurine Silver Jubilee in my collection is a true privilege. This unique and limited edition watch (500 pcs) has captivated me with its distinct aesthetics and top-notch features. The aventurine dial, with its mesmerising starry night appeal, brings an unparalleled elegance and uniqueness to the piece, setting it apart from the rest of my collection.

Housed in a 36mm x 43.5mm 316L stainless steel case, it sits perfectly on most wrists, but probably a tad small for my 7.5' wrists, though I love wearing it and simply view the size as feature rather than issue.

Smiths Everest PRS-25 Aventurine Silver Jubilee(Smiths Everest PRS-25 Aventurine Silver Jubilee on a Black Saffiano FKM Strap)

The hi-dome sapphire crystal with its anti-reflective coating enhances the dial's visibility and makes the thickness a very manageable 11.3mm, adding to the premium feel of the watch. Additionally, the drilled lugs are a practical feature, allowing for effortless strap changes to suit my style or occasion.

The dial is a masterpiece in itself, adorned with SuperLuminova X1-C3 on the triangle, numbers, and indices, ensuring that I can read the time in any light condition. The polished steel Mercedes hands, also coated with SuperLuminova, maintain the watch's functional appeal without compromising its aesthetic beauty.

Smiths Everest Aventurine Caseback

The heart of this watch, as with most Smiths watches, is the reliable Miyota 9039 automatic movement with impressive precision and durability. The smooth sweep of the seconds hand, signed crown and the engraved case back remind me of why I love watch collecting. The movement's hand winding and hacking capabilities are features that I, as an enthusiast, greatly appreciate.

Complementing the watch's design is the solid link stainless steel jubilee style bracelet, which tapers gracefully and includes screwed links and solid end links, ensuring robustness and comfort on my wrist. The signed clasp with twin pushers is secure and maintains the watch's sleek and refined design, making it a joy to wear. It's one of the better bracelets I've encountered at this price point.

Smiths Everest Lume

While some reviews draw comparisons to its historical inspirations, noting its homage to the classic Oyster case design and Explorer dial, I believe the Smiths Everest PRS-25 Aventurine Silver Jubilee stands out as a remarkable timepiece in its own right. Its blend of classic design elements with modern proportions and features like the aventurine dial make it a standout piece in my collection.

Owning the Smiths Everest PRS-25 Aventurine Silver Jubilee is a testament to Timefactors' ability to craft watches that resonate deeply with collectors and enthusiasts. Its distinctive design, quality construction, and the special aventurine dial and limited numbers make it a very sought-after piece, adding a touch of magic to my collection that I cherish every day.

Smiths Commander PRS-60 Review

Smiths Commander PRS-60

Adding the Smiths Commander PRS-60 to my collection has been nothing short of a delight. This piece has truly captured my fascination with its blend of vintage aesthetics and modern functionality, all packed into a comfortably compact form. The 38mm case diameter hits the sweet spot for me, offering a snug fit without sacrificing the watch's legibility—an aspect I've often found lacking in smaller dive watches. The clarity of the 28mm visible dial diameter, comparable to that of larger models, ensures that reading the time is always a breeze.

Smiths Commander PRS-60(Smiths Commander PRS-60 on a Yellow Tropical FKM Strap)

What really sets this watch apart for me is its remarkable "jewel-like sparkle." The way its gilt minute track and branding catch the light, complemented by the sunburst texture beneath the gloss black dial, is a sight to behold. The nostalgic glow from the gold-coloured Cathedral hands and indices, coated in SuperLuminova GL Light Old Radium, adds a layer of vintage charm that I deeply appreciate. The functional aspects, such as the black ceramic dive insert on the stainless steel bezel and the lume pip at 12 o'clock, further solidify its credentials as a reliable dive watch.

Smiths Commander Caseback

The reliable Miyota Cal. 9039 movement housed within assures me of its precision and durability, two qualities I value highly in a timepiece. The design, which evokes the "Explorer dial" Submariner, along with its well-balanced proportions, makes the Commander PRS-60 a coveted item in my watch collection. Its ability to effortlessly transition from outdoor adventures to more formal occasions, courtesy of its 300-meter depth rating and anti-magnetic properties, highlights its versatility as a sports watch.

Smiths Commander Lume

My personal experience with the Smiths Commander PRS-60 has been exceptional. Its homage to the classic dive watch aesthetics, coupled with a compact and comfortable design and top-notch construction quality, makes it an indispensable addition to my collection. The Commander PRS-60 isn't just a timepiece; it's a testament to the timeless allure of dive watches, reimagined for the modern wearer.

Smiths "Black Shadow" PRS-38 Review

Smiths PRS-38 Review

The acquisition of the "Black Shadow" PRS-38 from Smiths represents a notable addition to my collection, not only for its horological significance but also for the personal nostalgia it evokes. Smiths Industries, a bastion of British engineering excellence, holds a special place in my heart, reminiscent of an era when craftsmanship and precision were paramount.

The "Black Shadow" PRS-38 is a standout piece, primarily for its unique design ethos that marries horology with automotive instrumentation. The inspiration drawn from the Smiths chronometric speedometers found in the iconic Series B and C Black Shadows motorcycles is evident in every aspect of its design. This integration of a speedometer aesthetic into a timepiece is unparalleled, making the PRS-38 a singular entity in the world of watchmaking.

Smiths PRS-38 Review

(Smiths "Black Shadow" PRS-38 on a Yellow Outback FKM Strap)

The execution of this concept is flawless. The black PVD coated case, complemented by a polished stainless steel bezel, encapsulates the essence of vintage instrumentation, while the 40mm diameter ensures the watch maintains a contemporary relevance. Its dimensions, including a 46mm lug-to-lug span and a 12mm thickness, strike a perfect balance between presence and wearability. Although the watch may sit prominently on the wrist with its supplied leather strap, a switch to a more contoured FKM strap allows for a more integrated fit.

Smiths Black Shadow PRS-38 Review

Mechanically, the watch is powered by the reliable ETA-2830 movement, known for its precision and durability. The inclusion of day and date complications adds practicality, while the screw-back case, signed crown, and Viton seals ensure robustness against magnetic fields and water ingress, rated at an anti-magnetic 4800 A/m and water resistance of 100 meters.

Smiths Black Shadow PRS-38 Review

Aesthetically, the dial of the PRS-38 is where the watch truly shines. The choice of a Bombé sapphire crystal, with its subtle dome and anti-reflective coating, enhances the legibility and allure of the dial. The design choices, from the speed-inspired numerals to the vibrant yellow second hand, pay homage to the spirit of speed and adventure. The skeleton stick hands, paired with SuperLuminova C3 on the hands and hour markers, ensure that the watch remains functional in low-light conditions.

In summary, the "Black Shadow" PRS-38 from Smiths is more than a timepiece; it's a bridge between the worlds of horology and automotive history, a testament to the enduring legacy of Smiths Industries. It stands as a unique tribute to the speedometers that once graced the dashboards of classic motorcycles, reimagined for the wrist with a level of craftsmanship that appeals to both watch enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Smiths Transglobal PRS-54 Review

Smiths Transglobal PRS-54

I recently acquired the Transglobal PRS-54, and I must say, it's an intriguing watch. This watch, with its clear homage to the classic Universal Geneve Polerouter, truly stands out. What caught my attention was how it manages to offer such remarkable value, seemingly punching well above its price tag, a sentiment echoed across discussions on WatchUSeek forums.

The Transglobal PRS-54, with its 38mm case, upscales from the Polerouter's original 34.5mm, striking a balance between modern size preferences and historical authenticity. This size adjustment, while mostly positive, does bring its 46.75mm lug-to-lug measurement into focus. On my wrist, this dimension gives the watch a more prominent presence, which might deviate slightly from the vintage essence that the Polerouter embodies but gives a perfect fit for my 7.5' wrist.

Smiths Transglobal PRS-54(Smiths Transglobal PRS-54 on a Red Panorama FKM Strap)

What truly enhances this piece's allure for me are the aesthetic choices, especially the Salmon dial variant complemented by silver markers, dauphine hands and textured minute track adding a layer of sophistication.

The watch is not just about looks; its functionality is bolstered by a durable sapphire crystal, a secure screw-down crown, and beautifully engraved back, alongside a commendable water resistance of 100 meters and an anti-magnetic feature, enhancing its utility.

Smiths Trans-Global Caseback

To be honest it's not a style of watch I'd usually be interested in but I'm very glad I took the opportunity to get it and also thankful that I choose the Salmon dial. In this 4 watch collection it really holds it own and makes it a difficult choice when dressing up between the Everest and the Trans-Global.

All in all, the Smiths Transglobal PRS-54, with its blend of vintage allure and modern enhancements, has become a cherished piece in my collection, despite its somewhat larger size, which may not cater to all. Its quality and homage to the iconic Polerouter make it a notable contender for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Smiths Caribbean 1000 PRS-55 Review

Smiths Caribbean 1000 PRS-55

A watch friend brought the Smiths Caribbean 1000 PRS-55 to my collection, and I'm thrilled to share my experience with this remarkable dive watch. Its 40mm 316L stainless steel case, polished to perfection, strikes a perfect balance on my 7.5' wrist, neither too bulky nor too subtle. The lug-to-lug of 45.7mm ensures a comfortable fit, making it an ideal companion for both daily wear and adventurous outings​.

What truly sets this watch apart for me is its astounding water resistance of 1000 metres, a feature that pays homage to the legendary Caribbean watches of the 1960s known for their robustness and vibrant dials. 

Smiths Caribbean 1000 PRS-55(Smiths Caribbean 1000 PRS-55 on a Black Waffled FKM Strap)

I have the black dial though I must admit both the Blue & the Yellow dials are very appealing. However for everyday wear the black is a sure fire bet to go with any occasion or style.

The sunburst dial, available in choices like Black, Yellow, Orange, and Blue, brings life to the watch face, with each colour offering a unique character. I particularly appreciate the SuperLuminova X1-C3 on the dial and hands, ensuring top-notch visibility in low-light conditions and that lovely day lume when you come inside. This is complemented by the reliable Miyota 9015 automatic movement that ticks inside, known for its accuracy and longevity, which adds a layer of reliability to the watch's adventurous spirit​.

Smiths Caribbean Caseback

The beads of rice bracelet is another aspect I adore. It not only enhances the watch's vintage charm but also provides a very comfortable wear. The bracelet's brushed outer links with polished centre links, along with screwed links for easy adjustment, showcase the attention to detail Timefactors has put into this watch. And the inclusion of a safety clasp is a thoughtful touch, ensuring the watch stays secure on my wrist through all kinds of activities​.

Smiths Caribbean Lume

Owning the Smiths Caribbean 1000 PRS-55 feels like owning a piece of dive history, reimagined for the modern era. Its blend of vintage aesthetics with contemporary dive watch capabilities makes it a standout piece in my collection. Whether I'm headed to a formal event or planning a dive, the PRS-55 is versatile enough to be the perfect choice, making me feel prepared and stylish in equal measure.


Their impeccable design and craftsmanship have left me thoroughly impressed, making them highly recommendable to fellow watch enthusiasts and collectors. An aspect worth noting is the 20mm lug width across all models, a feature I particularly appreciate for its versatility in strap compatibility, allowing for a wide range of personalisation and style options. This thoughtful consideration in design further enhances the allure of these timepieces, making them a splendid choice for anyone looking to experience the legacy of Smiths through a contemporary lens.


Historical Notes:

The history of Smiths watches, dating back to 1851, is a testament to British innovation in horology. Initially specializing in pocket watches, Smiths evolved to produce automotive and aviation instruments, contributing significantly to British industry. Post-WWII, Smiths ventured into wristwatches, gaining fame when a Smiths watch accompanied Edmund Hillary to Everest's summit in 1953. Despite the dominance of Rolex in the narrative, Smiths' contribution remains noteworthy. The brand eventually shifted focus away from watchmaking, but its legacy, especially the Everest expedition, continues to be celebrated by enthusiasts and collectors and has been re-born by TimeFactors.

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