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1970's heritage

The Rally Strap

The rally watch strap, born in the thrilling world of motorsports, is known for its distinctive perforations, designed for breathability and comfort. This sporty and unique aesthetic, inspired by weight-saving techniques in racing cars, is cherished by watch enthusiasts. Iconic timepieces like the Omega Speedmaster, Heuer Autavia, Breitling Top Time, Seiko 6139, and Rolex Daytona often pair with rally straps, enhancing their allure. This combination creates a timeless, dynamic look, echoing the races that inspired them.

However, despite their popularity, traditional rally straps are not without their shortcomings. They were typically made from leather, a material that, while comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, can degrade over time, especially when exposed to the elements. Sweat, water, and heat - conditions often encountered in the world of racing - can cause leather to wear, crack, and even break.

Now, imagine the iconic Rally strap,
but without these limitations.

Introducing The

Panorama FKM+ Collection

Enter the "Panorama FKM+ Collection". We've taken the classic design of the rally strap and reimagined it using FKM+, a type of synthetic rubber known for its superior durability and resistance to harsh conditions.

FKM+ can withstand high temperatures, exposure to chemicals, and aging, making it a perfect material for a watch strap.

But we didn't stop at durability. Our FKM+ Panorama straps are also hypoallergenic, addressing one of the common issues faced by wearers of traditional straps. This makes our straps not only tougher but also more comfortable, especially for those with sensitive skin.

With the "Panorama FKM+ Collection", you get a strap that pays homage to the rich heritage of motorsports, but with a modern twist. It's a perfect blend of vintage style and modern performance, designed for the watch enthusiast who appreciates the thrill of racing and the importance of durability and comfort.

Strap on a piece of history that's built to last.

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Why we named it so...

The name "Panorama" is inspired by the iconic Mount Panorama, home to the famous Bathurst race in Australia which was first run in 1963. This racing circuit is a symbol of endurance, speed, and the thrill of competition, which is reflected in the design of the Panorama watch strap.

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