Watch Lug Width: How to Measure

Watch lug width is a critical aspect of selecting the perfect strap for your timepiece. It determines how well the strap fits your watch, ensuring a secure connection.

This guide will show how to measure your watch's lug width, choose the right size strap, and introduce you to our range of FKM+ straps, designed to cater to various lug widths and styles.

How to Measure Your Watch's Lug Width

measure lug width

Measuring your watch's lug width is a simple process. Follow these steps to accurately measure the width:

  1. Remove the existing strap from your watch. (check the old strap, sometimes the width is written on the inside)
  2. Use an accurate ruler or caliper to measure the distance between the inside edges of the lugs (the projections that hold the strap) in millimetres.

Now that you have your lug width measurement, you can confidently choose a strap that will fit your watch securely.