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When it comes to selecting the perfect replacement watch strap, the colour plays an equally essential role as the material. At our online store, we offer a broad range of FKM+ rubber watch straps in various colours, perfect for matching with your timepiece and personal style.

Strap Monster TROPICAL FKM+ Watch Strap - Black

Versatile & Timeless

Black FKM+ Straps

The black FKM+ rubber watch strap is a staple in any watch lover's collection. It's the perfect go-to strap for almost any watch model, be it a Rolex Submariner or a Seiko 5 Sports. Versatile and timeless, black straps are a safe choice, seamlessly complementing watches of any color. They particularly shine when paired with a black or silver dial, enhancing the refined aesthetic.

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Strap Monster TROPICAL FKM+ Watch Strap - Grey

contemporary and classic

Grey FKM+ Straps

Embrace the sophistication of grey. Our grey FKM+ rubber watch straps strike the perfect balance between contemporary and classic. They're an excellent pick for watches with silver, white, or black dials, like a TAG Heuer Carrera or an Omega Speedmaster. Grey straps offer a subdued, sleek charm, bringing a modern twist to any timepiece.

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Strap Monster TROPICAL FKM+ Watch Strap -  Blue

confident expression

Blue FKM+ Straps

Add a burst of color with our blue FKM+ rubber watch straps. Perfect for bringing life to your favourite timepieces, these straps pair beautifully with blue and white dials. Imagine your Breitling Navitimer or Tudor Black Bay with a touch of vibrant blue - a u of personal style.

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Strap Monster TROPICAL FKM+ Watch Strap - Brown

stylish and contemporary

Brown FKM+ Straps

Channel an earthy, grounded elegance with our brown FKM+ rubber watch straps. The warm brown tone creates a stylish and contemporary look, making your watch pop. Brown straps pair well with a variety of dials, but they really bring out the best in brown, gold, or white ones. A Panerai Luminor or a Patek Philippe Calatrava would look stunning with a brown strap.

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Strap Monster TROPICAL FKM+ Watch Strap - White


White FKM+ Straps

For a clean, modern look, try our white FKM+ rubber watch straps. White is a versatile colour that offers a fresh and contemporary feel. It works especially well with white, black, and blue dials, like on a Rolex Oyster Perpetual or an IWC Portugieser. Our white straps can give your watch a sleek, stylish upgrade.

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Strap Monster TROPICAL FKM+ Watch Strap - Red

impossible to ignore

Red FKM+ Straps

Are you bold and energetic? Then our red FKM+ rubber watch straps might just be for you. Red is a colour that's impossible to ignore - it's all about confidence and dynamism. Pairing a red strap with a black, white, or silver dial (like the ones on the Hublot Big Bang or a classic Longines) can create a distinctive, style-forward look.

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Strap Monster TROPICAL FKM+ Watch Strap - Green

spirit of adventure

Green FKM+ Straps

Our green FKM+ rubber watch straps capture the spirit of adventure and natural beauty. The green hue works wonders with black, white, or brown dials, creating a refreshing and earthy tone. Picture a Rolex Explorer or a Seiko King Turtle with a splash of green. The pairing speaks to an adventurous spirit who values style and uniqueness.

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Strap Monster TROPICAL FKM+ Watch Strap - Yellow

embodies cheerfulness

Yellow FKM+ Straps

Inject a little sunshine into your watch collection with our yellow FKM+ rubber watch straps. This colour embodies cheerfulness and creativity. A yellow strap can bring a black, white, or blue dial (like those of the Oris Aquis or TAG Heuer Aquaracer) to life, making a joyful and bright statement.

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Strap Monster TROPICAL FKM+ Watch Strap - Orange

vibrant and unique

Orange FKM+ Straps

Orange is the colour of fun and energy. Our orange FKM+ rubber watch straps offer a vibrant and unique style that can make your watch stand out from the crowd. Paired with a black or white dial, like those on the Citizen Promaster or Omega Seamaster, orange adds a pop of warmth and character.

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adventurous spirits

Khaki FKM+ Straps

Embrace the outdoorsy, rugged vibe with our khaki FKM+ rubber watch straps. Khaki works perfectly with black, white, or brown dials, offering a durable and stylish look that's perfect for adventurous spirits. Envision your Hamilton Khaki or Bell & Ross BR 03 with a khaki strap - it's a match that's both bold and stylish.

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Prefer to shop by Strap Style? No worries, we have you covered, we currently have 11 different styles of FKM+ straps, including; Combi Straps, Solid Straps & Ventilated Straps.