How to Find the Right Watch Strap

Finding Your Perfect Watch Strap

Whether you're a seasoned horologist or a newcomer to the world of timepieces, the right watch strap can significantly enhance the look, feel, and comfort of your watch. This guide will help you navigate the process of choosing the perfect watch strap for your wristwatch or smartwatch.

Regular Wrist Watches, you are in luck.

For regular wrist watches, the key to finding the perfect strap lies simply in the lug width.
  • The lug width is the distance between the two points on your watch case where the strap is attached.
  • This measurement is crucial as it determines the size of the strap that will fit your watch.
how to measure lug width


    You can simply:

    ✔️ Measure the lug width using a ruler or a caliper.
    ✔️ Measure your old strap using a ruler or a caliper. (measure the width at the end the strap is connected to the watch where the spring bar sits)
    ✔️ In some cases, the width is also written on the inside of your old strap.
    ✔️ If not, a quick Google search of your watch model will often provide the necessary information.

      Once you know the lug width, you can choose any strap with the same width from our range, and it will fit your watch perfectly. Use the navigation above and Shop by Lug Width.


      Smart Watches

      Choosing a strap for smart watches involves a slightly different process. If you own an Apple Watch, you'll need an adapter to fit one of our 22mm FKM+ straps. We provide these adapters and a selection of compatible straps on our Apple Watch Straps page.

      For smart watches, most use traditional lugs, similar to regular wrist watches. This means you can determine the lug width and choose any strap with the same width. Use our "Shop by Brand" menu and look under "Smart Watches" for your brand of watch. 

      Remember, the right strap can transform your watch from ordinary to extraordinary. For all other Smart Watch brands we suggest checking with the manufacturers website for compatibility and lug width measurements.

      It's not just about aesthetics, but also about comfort and durability. Choose wisely, and your watch will not only look great but also last a lifetime.

      CAFÉ FKM+ Watch Straps

      Our most versatile FKM+ watch strap is available in:

      18mm, 20mm, 22mm & 24mm widths.

      It's classic design blends well with all watch styles and the added

      FREE Black PVD Buckle gives you even more styling options.

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