The Colourful Comeback: TAG Heuer x Kith's Formula 1 Series Revival

Vintage Meets Modern Flair

TAG Heuer has teamed up with Kith to breathe new life into the Formula 1 Series The reimagined collaboration combines vintage charm with a contemporary twist across ten limited-edition models, each priced at AU$2,200. Despite the use of durable materials like stainless steel and glass fiber, the hefty price tag might raise some eyebrows.


Creative Global Influence

The 35mm watches draw inspiration from Kith's flagship store cities, channeling their street-fashion energy. Kith's distinct logo adorns each dial, alongside the "Just Us" motto, emphasising their close-knit, family-focused values. However, there's some ambiguity as to which model represents which city.

kith heuer

Racing Nostalgia Revived

The new collection retains its signature racing elements, like rotating bezels, quartz movement and oversized indexes, all blending perfectly with modern aesthetics and a nod to the original 1986 model.

kith heuer

The Original Formula 1 Still Shines

Collectors should note that vintage TAG Heuer Formula 1 models can still be found for a fraction of the cost and are steadily rising in value.

Add a Pop of Color

If you're not ready to take the plunge on this collaboration, inject some color into your current collection with a vibrant strap. Embrace the colorful trend without splurging on a new watch!

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