Seiko TicTAC SZSB006 Review: The Minimalist Alpinist

The Seiko TicTAC SZSB006 35th Anniversary Limited Edition is a watch that captures the essence of Seiko's craftsmanship and design ethos, making it a significant release from the brand. This watch is not just a timepiece; it's a testament to Seiko's legacy in watchmaking.

Seiko TicTac on Bracelet

A Blend of Vintage and Modern

The SZSB006 is a part of a commemorative collection created in collaboration with Japanese watch retailer, TiCTAC. This vintage-inspired field watch is a harmonious blend of Seiko's various design elements. Its case geometry and design take inspiration from the SARB line, while the cathedral-style hands are reminiscent of the Alpinist series and numerals are somewhat Hamilton Murphesque. The watch also exhibits influences from the Rolex 1016 and the Railmaster, yet it stands out as a unique piece in Seiko's lineup. One might say it is a "Minimalist Alpinist"

Seiko TicTac on Bracelet

Technical Specifications:

  • Case: 40mm stainless steel, a mix of brushed and polished surfaces, slim polished chamfer on the inside of each lug.
  • Crystal: Domed mineral, offering a unique visual depth and minimal distortion.
  • Movement: Seiko 4R35 Automatic.
  • Dial: Matte black with vintage-style lume.
  • Water Resistance: 10 bar.
  • Lug Width: 20mm.
  • Other Features: Drilled lugs for easy strap changes, push-pull crown, Japan-only warranty.

The Appeal of the SZSB006

Seiko Tictac on Black Saffiano FKM Strap

In Picture: COMBI FKM+ Saffiano Leather Watch Strap - Black

Design and Comfort:

The polished bezel contrasts beautifully with the brushed lugs, creating a visually appealing case. The proportions of the case, bezel, and crystal are balanced, resulting in a watch that is comfortable and slim on the wrist. The design and finishing of the SZSB006 are elevated compared to other Seiko models, offering a glimpse into the higher levels of Seiko's craftsmanship.

seiko tictac on a fkm strap

In Picture: KOSCIUSZKO FKM+ Watch Strap - Black

The Crystal:

One of the standout features of the SZSB006 is its domed mineral crystal. This material is not commonly used in watches, and it adds an interesting visual depth to the watch. The crystal does not distort the view from the top or at slight angles but creates a reflective effect when viewed from the side. This unique characteristic enhances the overall allure of the watch.

The Movement:

Seiko TicTac MovementPowered by Seiko's reliable 4R35 automatic movement, the SZSB006 offers a dependable and accurate timekeeping experience. This movement is a staple in Seiko's arsenal, known for its durability and precision.

User Experience and Reception

The SZSB006 received mixed initial impressions from the watch-loving public. Some have critiqued it for its "fauxtina" appearance, while others have questioned its value in Seikos lineup. However, upon closer inspection and extended wear, many have grown to appreciate its unique characteristics and design elements and it has quickly become a sort after model.

seiko tictac on a yellow fm tropical strap

In Picture: TROPICAL FKM+ Watch Strap - Yellow

The watch has been described as a "love baby" of a Seiko Alpinist and a Rolex Explorer, which speaks to its design appeal. Although it may feel different compared to other Seiko models like the SARB017, it has a distinct charm that grows on you over time. 

COMBI FKM+ Sailcloth Watch Strap - Green/Black

In Picture: COMBI FKM+ Sailcloth Watch Strap - Green/Black

The Seiko TicTAC SZSB006 35th Anniversary Limited Edition is more than just a watch; it's a testament to their design evolution. Its unique blend of vintage and modern elements, combined with the quality of Seiko's craftsmanship, makes it a standout release from the brand. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a casual enthusiast, the SZSB006 is a watch that deserves consideration for its unique offering, a very worthy alternative to the Alpinist and a truly great GADA style watch.

COMBI FKM+ Vintage Leather Watch Strap - Teal

In Picture: COMBI FKM+ Vintage Leather Watch Strap - Teal

The GADA Essence of the Seiko TicTAC SZSB006

The Seiko TicTAC SZSB006 isn't just a watch; it's a statement of versatility and adaptability, embodying the 'Go Anywhere, Do Anything' (GADA) philosophy. This watch is designed for the modern adventurer who values both functionality and style in their timepiece.

Versatility in Style

While the Seiko TicTAC SZSB006 looks stunning on its original bracelet, its true versatility shines when paired with different straps. This watch effortlessly transitions from formal to casual, making it a perfect companion for every occasion. Whether it's a business meeting, a casual outing, or an adventurous trek, the SZSB006 adapts to your lifestyle.

COMBI FKM+ Sailcloth Watch Strap - Black/Orange

In Picture: COMBI FKM+ Sailcloth Watch Strap - Black/Orange

A Canvas for Colour and Texture

The neutral yet striking aesthetics of the SZSB006 make it an ideal canvas for a variety of strap colours and textures. From the ruggedness of FKM straps to the elegance of leather, each strap transforms the watch's look, reflecting your personal style. The ability to easily switch straps means the SZSB006 can match any outfit, mood, or environment.

The Seiko TicTAC SZSB006 is more than a watch; it's a versatile tool for the modern individual who lives by the GADA philosophy. Its strap compatibility opens up a world of styling possibilities, making it a true chameleon in the world of watches.

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