Exploring Heritage Watch Straps: The Tropic, Waffle & Rally Collections

Watch straps are more than just functional accessories. They are a testament to the rich history and evolution of horology. Among the myriad of designs, the Tropic, Waffle, and Rally straps stand out for their unique heritage. In this article, we delve into the history of these iconic straps and introduce our modern FKM+ versions that pay homage to these classics.

The Tropic Strap: A Diver's Classic

The Tropic strap, with its distinctive diamond-shaped perforations, was a staple of the 1960s and 70s dive watches. Its rubber construction made it resistant to water, salt, and UV rays, making it the perfect companion for divers. Notably, the Tropic strap was often paired with the Rolex Submariner and the Omega Seamaster, enhancing their underwater capabilities. Traditionally black to match the utilitarian aesthetics of dive watches, our Tropical FKM+ Straps are available in a variety of colors, offering the same durability and comfort with a contemporary touch.

The Waffle Strap: A Vintage Icon

Waffle straps, named for their unique textured pattern, were popularized by Seiko in the 1960s. They quickly gained popularity for their comfort and breathability. The Seiko 6105, also known as the "Captain Willard," is one of the most famous watches to feature a waffle strap. While the original waffle straps were typically black or navy blue, our Waffled FKM+ Straps come in a wide range of colors, combining the iconic pattern with the durability and comfort of FKM rubber.

The Rally Strap: Inspired by Racing

Rally straps, with their distinctive perforations, were originally designed for racing drivers. The perforations increased breathability and reduced weight, making them comfortable for long races. The Heuer Autavia and the Omega Speedmaster are two iconic watches often seen with rally straps. Traditionally, rally straps were made in black or brown leather. However, our Panorama FKM+ Straps reinterpret this classic design in a variety of vibrant colors, while maintaining the comfort and breathability that made the rally strap a favorite among racers.

Our FKM+ strap collections are a tribute to these iconic designs, combining the rich heritage of watch straps with modern materials and color options. Explore our Heritage FKM+ Strap Collections to find the perfect blend of history and style for your timepiece.

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